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Trout Flies

We have a massive range of trout flies in stock. With over 1700 trout fly patterns in sizes 2 to size 24 with barbless flies and barbed standard hooks you will find the fishing flies you need for Rainbows, Brown, Blue Trout and all types of fishing on rivers, stillwaters, lochs and reservoirs. Our micro dry fly department has one of the largest range of commercial micro dry flies available in sizes 18 to size 22. Our range includes stunning buzzer flies, dry flies, wet flies including traditional styles like Alexandra, and north country spider patterns, lures and of course streamer patterns.

Innovative & Deadly Trout Flies

Constant innovation & testing by our pro tyers like Sandy Dickson and Jerry Lee ensure new fly patterns like Blank Buster Buzzers hit the mark and catch lots of Rainbows & Brownies for us and for you all around the world! While you may buy cheap flies elsewhere we prefer good quality flies that will last! Our worldwide delivery has been praised by fly fishermen, check the latest reviews from our customers.

Rainbow Trout Flies

Fly patterns for Rainbow Trout can be vibrant patterns to stimulate aggression in the fish. A fly for Rainbow Trout could be bright and vibrant like a Blob fly which can be really colourful or it can be a trout buzzer that matches the natural midge pupae coming to the surface to emerger. When we design a fly for Rainbow Trout we are working on the basis that the fish is so aggressive that it could hit the fishing fly either beacuse it is bright and vibrant or it matches naturals found in the Rainbow Trout's lake or river habitat.

Brown Trout Flies

Brown Trout are generally more selective in their choice of fishing flies. Brown trout flies often match the naturals like imitative small fish patterns or Pheasant Tail Nymphs which look like Baetis nymphs (early stage of River and Lake Olives). Alternatively we can use suggestive fly patterns. A Brown Trout fly that is suggestive could be a Gold Ribbed Hares Ear which does not match anything under the water but looks 'buggy', it looks like the typical grubs and nymphs found under the water

Salmon Flies

With salmon fishing occurring in waters from Scotland, Iceland to Russia or Pacific Salmon fishing in Canada and USA the salmon fly fisherman demands flies quality flies for salmon. We have for sale salmon flies and best prices. With a range of salmon fishing fly patterns including Snaelda salmon fly patterns, sunray shadow flies and a large range of salmon tube flies, traditional salmon fly patterns like Blue Charm, Willie Gunn and Collie Dog still taking salmon world-wide and modern patterns like Salmon Dry Flies with the Bomber salmon pattern, the famous Allys Shrimp and Allys Cascade flies developed by Alistair Gowans the fly choice is great for the salmon fisherman. To make it easy for your salmon fly fishing trip we have prepackaged salmon fly selection packs readily available.

We have shipped flies for salmon everywhere, including direct to hotels for salmon fishermen who have had fishing emergencies!

Specialist Fishing Flies

Grayling Fishing Flies

We have a massive range of Fly fishing flies for every species, you may want to fly fish for grayling in winter using grayling bugs and nymphs. Dry grayling flies including superb Klinkhammers and micro dry flies provide superb sport when the grayling is rising to the dry fly. For the grayling we have a range of czech nymphs for you to try the highly productive czech nymphing technique of fly fishing. This is a superb technique for grayling fly fishing. Check the full range of grayling fly patterns available for sale where we delivery quality flies and best prices.

Pike Flies

Over the past years fly fishermen have become more adventurous trying targeting new species like Pike, so if you fancy Pike fly fishing for the mighty Esox lucius we have developed a range of pike flies including pike deceivers even mouse flies for Pike! For Pike fly fishing you need strong hooks for this mighty predator. Our range of flies for Pike will keep you entertained hooking this mighty predator.

Carp Flies

There has been a massive number of sporting lakes opening for carp fly fishing and again this can provide sport for us to go fly fishing , with a good range of carp flies and zig bugs with foam to keep them buoyant we have a good selection for you to try carp fly fishing.

Saltwater Flies

If you fancy saltwater fly fishing around the coast or in the tropics then we have specialist saltwater fly patterns including specialist sea bass flies and flies that will attract all saltwater species from Pollock to Bonefish, our saltwater flies ranging from fish like flies to crab based fishing fly patterns.

Fly Tying Store

Fly Tying Materials

For the fly tyer we stock a range of brands including fly tying materials from Semperfli, Veniard, Uni, Bug Bond and many more superb fly tying materials manufacturers. If you are looking for modern fly tying materials including fly tying threads like Semperfli's Nano Silk, the worlds strongest gsp fly tying thread, traditional threads like Pearsalls Silks, fluorescent threads or Uni threads you will find them in store. With fly tying furs, feathers from Pheasant Tail to Jungle Cock substitutes, capes and saddles, fly tying chenilles in many colours, fly tying tungsten beads, bodies, heads and eyes there is little in the way of quality fly tying materials we cannot source or already stock for you. Check our vast fly tying materials department and see for yourself.

Fly Tying Tools

Fly tying whip finishing tool bobbin holderAs fly tyers we use lots of specialist fly tying tools , from bobbins holders to hair stackers , whip finishers , small arrow point fly tying scissors , tungsten scissors, bodkins to dubbing twisters. So if you are looking for beginners or specialist fly tying tools or you want to upgrade to one of the superb complete fly tying tool kits available from Semperfli, Marc Petitjean or Veniard then check our our fly tying tools department. We have a set of fly tying tools for the complete beginner to fly tying or the professional fly tyer going exhibiting at shows around the world. Check out our great bobbin holder another nice way to keep your desk tidy!

Vices & Accessories

For the new fly tyer we have the Semperfli starter fly tying vice through to the expert Marc Petitjean Petitjean Swiss Vice Master Version loved for its incredible design and manufacturing. Fly tying vices are available including the Snowbee Waldron Vice and a range of fly tying vises from Stonfo.

Our range of vice accessories include sight boards to make tying your fishing flies easier, waste bags, tool holders and parachute fly supports and of course tube fly adapters if you want to tie tube flies.

Fly Tying Hooks

Our course the most essential item for the fly tyer is their fly tying hooks . We stock a large range including Kamasan hooks, Veniard Osprey hooks, Umpqua hooks and have packs with 25 hooks, 50 hooks or even for the commercial fly tyer packs of 1,000 hooks. Whatever you want to tie you will find we can cope with barbless hooks, grub hooks for scuds and shrimps, fine dry fly hooks, nymph hooks, lure or streamer hooks, stainless steel hooks ideal for saltwater, salmon hooks, sedge hooks through to fly tying hooks for pike or sea bass.

Fly Fishing Tackle

Our range of fly fishing tackle includes fly fishing gear and equipment from manufacturers such as Sonik Sports , Wychwood , Cortland , Jarvis Walker and Airflo with many other manufacturers who enable us to supply rods, reels to flylines, hooks, fly leaders for trout, salmon, grayling and all species of fish.

Fly Rods

We stock rods from the stunning 2 weight River and Stream 7 foot fly rods to the mighty Snowbee Geo with its incredible backbone. Single or double handed salmon fly rods , switch rods and fly rods for every venue from saltwater to reservoir, brook to spate river, small stillwater to a fly rod for that mighty tarpon. With Sonik Fly Rods, Snowbee Fly rods, Wychwood fly rods here you have a range suitable for every budget and occasion.

Fly Reels

With small brook fly fishing you need maybe a #2 weight fly reel, on a reservoir you may need a #7 weight fly reel yet to stop the run of a large sea bass or salmon you need a strong reel with strong drag to help you fight that fish. With a vast range including fly reels from Snowbee, Sonik Sports, budget conscious Truefly and the stunning River and Stream range of fly reels from Wychwood we can help satisfy most needs. Talk to our specialists about your requirements.

Fly Fishing Accessories

Of course with all the gear used by fly fishermen there are accessories for fly fishing from fly boxes , floatants like Gink, dessicants like Semperfli Desert Dust, Priests to humanely dispatch that fish for dinner. Fly fishing technical clothing from Waders and Wading boots , jackets to fly fishing luggage, from reel bags to wader storage bags, all help make the sport of fly fishing simpler and more fun. Of course there are accessories that fly fisherman need like tapered leaders , droppered leaders and tippet material and then poly leaders to those nice to have neck lanyards and amadou patches. You will find all that a fly fisherman needs in store. Check it out in The Essential Fly

Award Winning For Fly Fishing Supplies

Established over 7 years we have thousands of satisfied customers in over 50 countries. Check their independent reviews of our great fly fishing flies, materials and gear plus award winning service!

We are available on the phone for advice or for telephone orders (00 44 1757 333003) Monday to Friday. Why not see for yourself why thousands of customers worldwide buy their fly fishing gear from The Essential Fly? We promise to offer you top gear, best value with absolutely exceptional customer service possible. We look after our customers. Let us show you how.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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